…just keep cooking

I have come to the conclusion that I AM MY MOM (and proud of it).  I may repeat my “awesome” stories over and over again but I also managed to clean the house, run errands, and make an awesome home cooked dinner for the family today…oh and took care of my baby.  No big deal.  I do feel accomplished and going onto week 3 of being a vegetarian, I’ve never…ever…felt better.

Last night I conquered the Weelicious Spinach Gnocchi recipe.  The website had mixed reviews, mostly people’s gnocchi balls (ha I said balls) fell apart when they were boiled.  I didn’t have that problem but I made sure to really get the water out of the spinach and also refrigerated the dough for 24+ hours since I prepped it Monday night for Wednesday night. Matt said they were good but Braedan definitely approved…he annihilated those gnocchis (and thankfully we had some left-over for his lunch today)!


Spinach Gnocchi

For Brae, I just used crushed tomatoes and parm cheese to go on his gnocchi (even though they were good plain).  I made Matt and I a creamy roasted red pepper sauce for our gnocchi and Matt said it was “the best part of the meal,” he could “taste the peppers!”  I derived it from this recipe but I used sauteed onions and 3 fresh roasted tri-colored peppers!


Roasted “Red” Pepper Sauce

Finally, tonight – I made an Avocado Fettucini.  We didn’t have actual fettucini so I just used spaghetti  but Matt said it was “super creative” and “the tomatoes really complimented the avocado.”  I am pretty sure its his favorite from all my new recipes and the best part about this one is that you get the cream of an Alfredo but with the healthy fats of an avocado!  I even made him chicken to go with it but he said the portion was so awesome, he probably didn’t even need it.  Could it be?  I’m finally making meat-free dishes that speak for themselves?!


Avocado Pasta

Thanks for reading!


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