Oh Holy Lasagna.

So it’s been a while but I’ve been busy eating stuff like this:

1. Marrakesh Express-Philly (Chicken Shawarma/Moroccan Fries  and Cheesesteak Shawarma)

2. Trader Joe’s Cookie and Cocoa Swirl.  Add some apples for less guilt for the extra scoops.
photo 3

I did make this though: Sausage and Ricotta Lasagna – and it was a success!  I wanted to bring over a dish to a friend of Matt and I’s who just had their second baby.  I thought it would be a genius idea to bring over homemade lasagna from scratch…yeah, I’ve never made lasagna from scratch with out a crock pot or a jar of pasta sauce.   I’m glad I gave it a whirl though because it was super yummy and not as hard as I thought.  The only bummer was that Whole Foods doesn’t sell boil-less lasagna noodles so I had to boil them but it all worked out (for the record – Trader Joe’s does sell boil less but I’m not sure if they are organic).  Also – apparently lasagna rises and by the end of it’s cooking time I had all sorts of sauce and cheese at the bottom of my oven.  Whoops.


Preparing lasagna and dish uncooked


Finished Lasagna


Finished Lasagna (at this point it goes back in the over for 10 minutes to give it a more golden color but I saved this step for the couple reheating it).


Braedan’s lick of approval!


I’ll have more to post soon.  On deck we have:
Chicken Enchilada Spaghetti Squash

and this soup:

Also – for those with picky eaters – try out these cuties for some dining entertainment:

Teddy Bear Toast

Teddy Bear Toast


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