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Not long ago I decided to try an organic vegetarian lifestyle.   It lasted about 4 months before I became pregnant and my craving for buffalo chicken EVERYTHING ruined my streak.  However, that hasn’t changed my decision of keeping our household as close to organic and GMO free as possible.  This was a personal decision stemming from my family and husband’s family history of cancer as well as my disappointment in this country’s standards of what is considered acceptable to put in our tummies. 

Some feel that going all organic/GMO free is extreme – but so is having to get super invasive surgeries and medical care due to preventable environmental factors that weren’t avoided.  While I may not be able to prevent certain illnesses from occurring in my household,  I want to ensure that I am doing the best I can in providing my family with the most nourishing foods for their bodies while still making them tasty and fun!  However, with 2 kids in day care and the high cost of organics – we pick our battles.  If it comes down to my kids eating conventional blueberries vs not eating them at all because the organic berries are too expensive – I’m going to let them eat their little hearts out in conventional blueberries. 

This blog is proof that you can still have eat a wide variety of foods using quality ingredients.  With that said, enjoy the blog and feel free to share or try any recipes that you fancy!

My son Braedan, eating smart!

My son Braedan, eating smart!



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